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    Default Paralegal Cover Letter - help!

    Hi everyone..

    I have recently completed the LPC at the College of Law and was hoping to gain some paralegal experience whilst applying for a training contract.

    Any ideas on what it should say?

    I have gained experience in the legal sector previously but not in the area of the particular firm i am applying to... I am unsure on how to word my Cover letter.. I have not applied to this firm for a training contract yet but would want to paralegal..

    what should I say?.. any ideas are welcomed and greatly appreciated!


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    Hi there! Saw your post and wondered whether you had heard of our Future Lawyers Network? You'll find great advice on writing CVs and cover letters here: Login Page It's free to join and has a wealth of careers info as well as topical legal news and discussions.

    Hope this helps - let us know if you have any queries!


    The College of Law

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    Hi, covering letters don't have to be daunting. You just need to focus on being concise and (what has worked for me), include sections on:

    Why you are interested in a legal career
    What skills you have that set you apart from the competition
    What legal experience you have
    Why this firm in particular

    Try to aim for about a side of A4, same for CV if at all possible.

    Seeing how competitive the paralegal market is currently, don't be surprised if a firm prefers an applicant with clear experience in its line of work. Still, you could emphasise a strong interest in this line of work. After all, many applicants apply for training contracts with zero legal experience and can succeed by demonstrating a solid, reasoned interest in the firm's line of work. It worked for me!

    Good luck!



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