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    Was wondering if anyone else has been left in this position too…

    My supervisor (sole practitioner) has gone off on holiday leaving me unsupervised (and alone apart from a secretary) for nearly 3 weeks (in a different time zone)!

    Essentially I’m fine with it as I am more than capable of dealing with the day to day bits and pieces that need to be done but OBVIOUSLY, there are things that require her authorisation etc.

    Are they allowed to go off and leave a trainee basically in charge of their firm!!!?



    the short answer is probably not. It brings up a whole heap of questions such as who authorises payments out of client account (assuming you have one), who is the colp/cofa and if it’s your supervisor how they can ever hope to fulfill those roles while they are away from the office in a different timezone.

    Have a look at:

    I would query for a start whether the supervisor would be in breach of 7.1 effective governance for a start.
    Not to mention principles 8-10 of the code of conduct:

    However whether you would ever want to raise this with the SRA and risk a potential investigation is another thing entirely.

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